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Keith Bray

EDX Technologies, Inc.
VP, Product & Engineering
Austin, Texas
Keith Bray runs software development and engineering operations for Platform Services at Rackspace. In his four years as a Racker, Keith has helped launch the company's Cloud DNS, Cloud Databases, and Cloud Orchestration products, held positions in Product Management, and has led software development efforts for Cloud Sites and Cloud billing. Prior to joining Rackspace, Keith worked in Austin, TX, as employee no. 5 for a successful startup company called Wireless Valley Communications. There, he developed and launched several new wireless design and network management software products that helped propel company growth and led to a successful acquisition by Motorola. After moving into software architecture and engineering management, Keith took on a leadership role at the telecommunications company to run operations, product management and sales strategy for a specialized business unit. Keith is passionate about building high-performing software and product management teams that work in close lockstep. He believes that this partnership is key to delivering strong products that can serve consumer needs while meeting broader financial growth objectives within the fast-paced technology industry. Keith earned his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Virginia Tech.