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David Peraza

Persistent Systems Inc.
Cloud Architect
David has been working on enterprise systems for over 12 years. He started at Oceanwide USA (now Descartes Systems Group) developing the messaging system used by importers to report their merchandise to US Costumes and Borders Patrol. He then worked at IBM for 9 years taking on multiple projects ranging from Enterprise Messaging Integration, to Smart Business introduction, to Cloud and Virtualization Solutions. He now works for Persistent Systems Inc. as a Solutions Architect focused on Cloud and Openstack. David has been active in Openstack Community since Grizzly. He lead the team that inserted the powervm driver in Nova virt based on power IVM technology. He worked on cinder driver to support fiber channel connections to SAN. He worked on DB2 support on glance and other compnonets. He also worked on a few patches to better synch nova DB with compute nodes actual state. David has been learning about ceilometer for the passed few months by making small unit test and docs contribution and by helping with code review.